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Complete Automotive makes buying the nicest luxury cars easy for our neighbors up North as we offer customs and tax aid, as well as the inside track to transporting your new dream car over the border. Our experience allows us to get our Canadian customers home with as little hassle as possible.

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"The staff at Complete Automotive were very professional and helpful when it came to importing the car I purchased into Canada. They changed the odometer to kilometres and installed daytime running lights for me for no cost when the dealer in Canada wanted $300. They also sent all the required information to the US border crossing I used to cross into Canada. In addition, Complete Automotive provided me with the required information showing that all recall notices had been taken care of for no charge. The dealers in Canada required $500, an inspection and a week or so to provide me with the same information. With all this help, importing the car into Canada went very smoothly while saving me money and time. The car was licensed and registered in Canada within a few days of crossing the border. I would definitely recommend Complete Automotive to anyone looking to purchase and import a fine automobile."
Dave Harder, Chilliwack BC